We have contacts in a wide range of human and technical resource areas. This puts us in a position of being able to offer clients a comprehensive package that will meet their needs whatever the job.



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General Waterproofing

Advanced Waterproofing Systems can offer all waterproofing of wet areas around your house or unit.


Retaining walls, garden beds, Podium decks, balconies, water tanks also need to be waterproofed

It is extremely important to have a licensed waterproofer manage your waterproofing needs.



Torch on Membrane

Bituminous roofing products are perfect for the waterproofing of roofs on buildings, as the membrane will move with the structure and they are not too rigid. The membrane doesn’t absorb water; bitumen is a hydrocarbon and is created naturally from crude oil. It is a useful carbon store which doesn’t generate greenhouse gases.



Joint Sealing

Advanced waterproofing Systems can provide joint sealing services for any size project. Joint sealing is used to seal joints and openings between two or more substrates. The purpose is to prevent water, air and other environmental elements from entering or exiting a structure.